What is ComicSuite?

No caption.Diamond’s ComicSuite is a customized add-on module of software options that integrates seamlessly with Retail Hero's Retailer Management Hero (RMH) to create a point-of-sale (POS) system specifically geared toward comic book specialty retailers.

Besides offering all the great functions of RMH, ComicSuite has been designed from the ground up to interface with Diamond’s product information and item code structure, a feature that will facilitate initial orders and reorders to Diamond through an easy-to-use Web-based interface.

Retailers also gain access to the latest data from Diamond, including PREVIEWS descriptions and graphics, as well as specific ordering information.

ComicSuite helps run your retail store with ease and efficiency:

♦ Makes Special Orders & In-Store Subscription Services Effortless
♦ Generates Cycle Sheets, Shortages/Damages Reports & More
♦ Simplifies Ordering & Importing Diamond Data
♦ Plus, much more!

When you're ready to add a POS system to your store's operations, Diamond can provide complete hardware and software options from great computer hardware bundles to Microsoft RMH and ComicSuite software sold separately. Plus, Diamond offers a variety of credit and financing options to make your purchase easier.

For more information please contact Diamond’s POS Specialists
or your regular Retailer Services Representative.

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